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If not properly protected, grout can lose it’s new look rapidly. Grout must be protected because it is especially porous. This porosity makes it susceptible to the buildup of dirt and grime that eventually leads to discoloration. Being such an exceptionally porous substance, grout is the perfect incubator for mold and mildew. Every time you shower or get an area of grout wet it can take up to 72 hours for it to dry. If you shower every day, you will always have damp grout, providing an environment in which mildew loves to grow. Harsh cleaners and various bleaching agents hide the mildew at the surface but it will still be alive inside the grout. As it grows from the bottom up, eventually you will find the mildew coming back. It can seem like a never-ending cycle. Over time, these same harsh chemicals used for cleaning actually damage the surface of the grout making it more susceptible to dirt so it actually becomes dirty faster. Without proper restoration and protection, this is a problem that will continue, even with regular maintenance.HydroShield Boise has the solution for homeowners in Idaho!

Protected to Stay That Way

HydroShield for Grout Color Seal transforms your existing grout into a stain, mold, and mildew resistant surface. A water-based formula containing urethane and hardening agents, our color seal bonds to grout, completely eliminating any pores. By creating an airtight, watertight bond to the grout surface, grout becomes completely waterproof and stain-resistant. By incorporating active mildicides, HydroShield for Grout Color Seal ensures long-lasting protection and peace of mind. This product can be color-matched to any grout manufacturer’s color chart and comes with a warranty of up to twelve years.

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